Untitled Poem 7.8.14

Another crumpled piece of scribbled on notebook paper
Paper mountains litter
the wooden floor around me.
Peaks and
valleys built
of imperfect words,
fractured sentences— nothing

ever comes out as planned.

Cliffs and boulders.
All etched with my heart
and your name.


“There was a dream and one day I could see it…” : The Avett Brothers

Last night, Dad and I went to The Avett Brothers‘ concert in Little Rock. The tickets were our birthday presents to each other. In all actuality, my Dad isn’t a huge fan of concerts (or any event with large crowds … Continue reading

Currently Reading: Kisses from Katie


Katie Davis is such an inspiration to me.  I’ve read only a few pages so far and I’ve already been moved to tears.  I’ve got my Kleenex ready for this one.

Incidentally, this is my 100th book this year!  (I was hoping to make it to 112, but looks like I’m not going to make it.  Oh, well.)