Easy Egg Muffins


Easy Egg Muffins

A yummy, healthy and quick make-ahead breakfast.

-10 Eggs
-2 Tbsp. milk of your choice
-Salt and pepper to taste
-Breakfasty toppings of your choice (I used sauteed mushrooms and green peppers, bacon, homemade breakfast sausage, cheese, green onion and spinach)

1. Preheat oven to 375.
2. Beat eggs, milk, salt and pepper.
3. In a well greased muffin tin, add meat, veggies, cheese of your choice.
4. Pour over egg mixture (about 1/4 cup in each).
5. Bake 25-35 min depending on your oven and pan. Basically until the’re golden brown, risen a little and the egg is cooked through.

Makes 12.  Can be stored in fridge for up to a week or frozen.






Enjoy!  Let me know if you try them and tell me what you put in em!



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