The One Where it’s Already October

Really, October, really?  Where has this year gone?!

Today, I had a great N.S.V. (Non-Scale Victory) – My favorite jeans are being officially retired!  They’re now two sizes too big and uncomfortably baggy.  I’m gonna wash ’em, fold ’em and stick ’em on the top shelf in my closet to save for my “after” pics.  (The weird thing about losing weight is what to do about clothes.  I don’t really want to buy new clothes, because I’m hoping they won’t fit for long, but at the same time, I do need to wear something.)  It feels good to think about N.S.V.s because I’m really trying NOT to focus so much on the scale and just focus on how I feel.  I mean, it’s amazing that I’ve lost 40+ pounds in the last two months, but there are so many more important things than the number on the scale!

So what’s up for this month:

@theweighout October Challenge

Surprisingly, I’ve found a really supportive community of weight-losers and fitness enthusiasts on Instagram.  Beginning October 1st, I’m participating in a challenge begun by three lovely ladies on Instagram who make up: @theweighout.  The point is to make 3 commitments (1. Food 2. Fitness 3. Personal) and challenge myself to keep them in October. 

Mine are:

1. FOOD: to continue clean eating and to go meatless 2x per week.
2. FITNESS: to workout 5x per week minimum.
3. ME: to hide the scale (only weigh 1x per week) and to spend more time with friends.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!

Here’s hoping everyone has an awesome October!

Q: Will you join me in the @theweighout October Challenge?  What are your Food/Fitness/Personal commitments for the month?



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